Tough couple of weeks.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy at work leaving little time for much else. Even though I got my Adobe CS3 Web edition at towards the end of last week, I couldn’t find time to install it and try it out till last night.

Last weekend was a bit of a wash, though Friday wasn’t half bad. After work, I wound up heading to Anand’s place and was talking to him and Hema about the planned purchase of their first house – it’s a 2100 sqft single family home on a 8400 sqft home in Sammamish. As with all large first time purchases, there’s tons of nerves and lots of doubts; and as with everything in life, each has to make his/her own decisions. I was rather uncomfortable offering any advice / suggestions since I know little about this kind of transaction – pity that my unwillingness to do so was misinterpreted by Anand as a singular lack of interest in the whole matter. Oh well, so it goes.

After the evening passed, I didn’t feel like heading home – so Monika and I wound up going on what I figured would be a short drive. Turned out to be 4 hours long and rather enjoyable. By the time I got to Monika’s place, it was a bit past midnight. North. North was the direction we headed. My plan was to put the top down and blast music. Turned out that Ms. High Maintenance πŸ™‚ was dressed for the occasion. About 3 minutes in, the music mysteriously stopped.

Shop talk followed. Mostly entertaining stories about co-workers, past and present. We pulled out one exit before Anacortes-Burlington to grab some coffee and hot chocolate. As we continued yakking outside the gas station mini-mart, the cashier decided that our night would be incomplete, were we left bereft of her company. So it was that we stood there – the cashier talking about the TT and Monika and I stepping further and further away from her to avoid the cigarette smoke. It was a funny sight; she’d advance a couple of steps and we’d retreat a couple, rinse and repeat. Five minutes of that was more than enough and we got in the car and drove away to the parking lot on the other side of the road to finish our drinks.

Next stop was Deception Pass. I pulled out at the lookout point before the bridge, but it was 3 am by that time and too dark to see much. So we turned back after crossing the bridge and barely touching Whidbey Island. I put the top down and soon sleep set in for Monika. When asleep, she looked rather serene – a far cry from the terror when awake πŸ˜€ . Quarter past four when we reached her place and half past five by the time I got home. Of course, I couldn’t sleep right away and played a half hour of Forza Motorsport 2 before heading off to sleep.

The rest of Saturday was spent lounging about until Karthik showed up and we headed to Victor’s Coffee in Redmond. A couple of hours later, we went bowling for a bit. Monika and a couple of Karthik’s friends (Srikanth and Pradeep) showed up as well. Post game, Karthik and I split for Denny’s and then home for some shuteye. Sunday was similarly spent lounging about till Robin and Rohit showed up for dinner. Post dinner was loads of fun as we took turns on the Wii playing tennis, boxing and bowling.

The last few days at work were both tiring (work load) and exciting; I put in some awesome bug fixes and performance enhancements. Lunch on Thursday at Yummy Teriyaki. Had lunch today w/ Jeff Lu at Maple Garden and we were talking about our longer term future plans. How fluid things are and how unsettled we end up. Ripples in a calm lake. Ripples in a calm lake.

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