To Feel Your Voice

To Feel Your Voice

Your nescience in regards to ecstasy of your sonorous intonations bereft of the encumbrance of your alluring visage is understandable, so allow me this perspicuous elucidation of the delectation it brings me.

Last night as I heard your voice amidst the distant din of beating drums, it evoked in me an urgent desire and in the short while since, that desire has transfigured into a deep seated yearning.

To lay with one ear against your bare chest and feel the deep rumbling of your cantillation where it originates and is amplified while, my other ear is enraptured in its external manifestation. Intoxicated thus, I would fall into a serene slumber by your side.

– Musings of the deranged bard
20141114 03:40 hr

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