Seer Extraordinaire

Seer Extraordinaire

To the multitudes that know him, Shehzad Ahmed is a poet and philosopher. But I perceive him as a seer. How else could he have penned lyrics ages ago of what transpires between you and I?

How eloquently the seer captures that when we were we, you failed to discern my true self; yet in our growing apart, you indulge in gestures of familiarity!

Paas rehkar bhi na pehchaan saka tu mujhko
Door se dekhke haath hilata kya hai?

In our estrangement, you make allusions of me among my friends, unaware that they are fully acquainted with my notoriety. It is not mere serendipity that caused the spaeman to inscribe:

Meri ruswai mein wo bhi hain barabar ke shariq
Mere kisse mere yaaron ko sunata kya hai?

And pray tell, how does he know of my curiosity about the thoughts racing through your mind when you see me now?

Mein tera kuch bhi nahi hun, magar itna to bata
Dekh kar mujhko tere zahan mein aata kya hai?

And in the end, will this portentous last verse come to pass?

Mar gaye pyaas ke maare to utha abr-ke-karam
Bujh gaye bazm to ab shamma jalata kya hai?

– Musings of the deranged bard
20141111 00:06 hr