I’ve been a !(busy bee).

Let’s see. What have I been up to these last few weeks?

  1. Made a not-so-well planned trip to Yosemite and Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks.
  2. I got on to Twitter to try it out.
  3. I got back on facebook (why, oh why?).
  4. Played about 60 hours of Final Fantasy XII (PS2) – about a third to half of which was level grinding. I’m still only about a third of the way through the game.
  5. Played Bonsai Barber (WiiWare) – crazy, fun game. Different. Controls are a bit frustrating at times, but good fun.
  6. Read How to Make Webcomics by four authors [ good ]
  7. Read Photoshop Studio with Bert Monroy: Digital Painting [ too advanced ].
  8. Tried out Word Jong Party (Wii) with Lakshmi – discovered that Lakshmi has some truly unique talents such as seeing the word “genitals” in a bunch of jumbled up letter tiles. My version of the story (and I’m sticking to it!) is that it is solely due to the extreme development of such skill that Lakshmi is able to consistently whup my ass at word games. I made sure that Vimal was immediately appraised of this unique talent of Lakshmi much to Vimal’s simultaneous disgust and delight.
  9. Watched about two dozen episodes of Highway On My Plate (HOMP) – The most entertaining series of Indian television. Two guys, Rocky and Mayur, hit the highways of India sampling various dhabas and specialty restaurants on their travels. Good banter without much corniness and the class of entertainment is pretty decent.
  10. Worked on my 2008 tax returns – still not done. Bad Vijay! Buy hey, the IRS owes me money, not the other way round, so it’s okay… Or is it? Maybe it’s not so okay. Coz, I’m letting them hang on to my money longer than I need to. Hmmm.

So essentially, I’ve done nothing very “productive” in the traditional sense. Pity.