Wolf Riders: Chembarambakkam Lake

Jaydeep and I did a half-day ride to Chembarambakkam Lake whcih about 20 miles from where we live. It was a quick ride with a stop at Sangeetha Restaurant in Nandambakkam. The turn off for the lake is easy to miss and we did manage to miss it; over shot by about 5 miles and had to turn back and find our way to the lake. The varying shades of blue in different parts of the sky are what will stay in my memories for some time to come.

Wolf Riders: Pulicat Lake, Tamil Nadu

One successful trip the Sunday prior and ’twas time for another. This time in the opposite direction towards Sriharikota, more specifically to Pulicat Lake. I planned this more as a trial run, since there are 2 main attractions – the lake and the bird sanctuary. October-March is the season for bird migration, so this was going to be a dry run. Besides, I was getting a tad bored of heading south from Chennai on East Coast Road (ECR) or Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR).

One more shore shot.

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Wolf Riders: Tiger Cave near Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Since the previous post at the end of the year, I started getting a bit more active w/ photography. Nothing really creative or artistic; just keeping a camera around and taking pictures whenever I was hanging out with friends for weekly dinners and the like. Yeah, lots of pix one wouldn’t give a second glance to. I did manage an occasional decent candid, mostly portraiture.

A back injury in the last week of May rendered me bed ridden for about a month. Riding the motorcycle was out for another month after. I found myself definitely ruled out of a trip to Ladakh in July, not that my workload wouldn’t have already done it for me. Being stuck in bed and prohibited from getting out and about just made me want to do it more. So after physiotherapy and another month of back rehab, I was able to ride once again. And it was time to plan a trip, albeit a short one. There aren’t a lot of good roads around Chennai. Usually, one has to head south towards Mahabalipuram / Pondicherry.

Not all that much better from afar though.

Scouring the web, I found Tiger Cave. I recalled seeing signs for it Continue reading Wolf Riders: Tiger Cave near Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu