Duma (2005)


Soooo. Duma is basically the story of a how a boy raises a cheetah, finds himself having to return it to the jungle and how he goes about achieving that end. The story is not something new and neither is the way it’s told. The human characters are not very engaging, but the wildlife scenes have been shot very well. Camera work, in short, is excellent and perhaps the saving grace of the movie. All in all, as the movie approached the expected end, I stopped caring.

Verdict: If you’ve got nothing better to do on a rainy afternoon.

The Bandit Queen (2004) [Hindi]

Bandit Queen

How I manage to pick up 2 movies which are both really disturbing in this small interval is a bit of a surprise to me. This one’s not that different from Maya and anyone reading this blog is again unlikely to want to watch this movie. Overly graphical in its portrayal of the trials and tribulations of Phoolan Devi, this movie seems more sensationalist than it needs to be. I think it takes a bit of a twisted mind to present the subject matter in such a manner as Shekar Kapoor did.

Verdict: Avoid, unless you’re ready to feel a fair amount of repulsion.