Kick off to the Lone Wolf Rides blog…

I figured that it was time to start off a separate blog for my solo adventures. For the most part, these will be about my motorcycle rides.

So, I did in a rather atypical way – by reaching far, far back into my past and posting my first ever motorcycle road trip report. I think that was the only one I wound up writing and at nearly 8000 words and several tens of not-so-good photos, it’s rather long. But then I was riding for 2 days, it was unplanned and I had some rather interesting mini-misadventures. The write-up itself is so-so and the pictures are atrocious.

I did many rides after that one, but I never got around to documenting them. Looking back, I wonder why. It was probably because writing about the rides as nowhere near as fun as the rides themselves. Hopefully, that will change going forward.

I’d like to include any future (solo-only?) rides / drives I do in the future – blogs are a good way for me to look back, reflect and reminisce about my past. I guess they’re less for others to read, though I’m not opposed to that.