Standing in the Rain

Standing in the Rain

The hour is late, yet I am unable to sleep. I drag my weary, restless body outside in a stupor as would a somnambulist. The night sky is overcast, but within the clouds, there is a clearing through which shines a full moon of exceptional brightness. The still of the night is shattered by claps of thunder preceded by flashes of lightning.

I appear as a silhouette. But strangely glows the blood coursing through my veins; lava-like orange and burning through its journey within, for it is tainted by the poisons of my demons past.

I step into the open for I crave the rain. I crave the rain for you are in it. Reposed therein is you, the elixir which will provide me with much needed respite from my dolorous plight.

The skies open and the grateful downpour begins. It is you descended from the heavens. Each drop that hits my body turns to vapor as it meets the magma surging within. With each drop, the toxins are further diluted; the venom washes away. For you are in the rain. I am cleansed.

I gather you in my cupped palms, bring you to my lips and drink deeply. From this moment forth, you and I cease to be disjunct; we are melded, coalesced as one.

– Musings of the Deranged Bard
20150227 21:21 hr

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