Regularly Irregular

It’s been over 6 months since I posted something. Somewhere along the way, interest waned and I stopped posting.

What happened in the last 6 months? A bunch of things. I left Expedia and joined Microsoft. Sean is a masochist. He seems to have forgotten all the things I put him through at – or he’s romanticizing them. Oh, well. For those not familiar with Sean (Nolan), he was the CTO of and he’s the “Prinicpal Engineer” here in our group here at MS.

It’s been a very hectic 6 months here at MS and the work load was really getting to me. Most of it was self-inflicted, I think. Well, I can’t really post about what I’m working on – it’s under wraps and I’d rather not spend too much time talking about work anyways.

I’m the proud owner of another XBOX360, which I wound up getting for work – yeah, it’s in my office. Also the owner (not proud yet) of a PS3. The PS3’s turned out to be fabulous as a Blu-ray movie player, but good compelling games for it are lacking and most multi-platform games have been reviewed as being better on the 360. Resistance: Fall of Man is a very solid FPS and while it didn’t get as much hype as Gears of War for the 360, in my opinion it’s considerably more fun to play. Gears of War gets a bit repetitive after a bit and the near-monochromatic visuals while appealing in the beginning get old after about 2 levels. The characters are somewhat entertaining. More about the gaming front in another post.

Appa-Amma made a trip to Seattle twice in 2006. Once in September and again in December-January. I still haven’t processed the photos from the September trip. I’m the boss and so it’s coz I’m busy, not lazy. 🙂

And it’s been back to the grind since they left. More in another post.

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