Ratatouille (rat-ah-2e) and tapir fail…


Friday was opening day for Ratatouille. As was the usual, a bunch of us from work grabbed lunch at Yummy Teriyaki and the mandatory trip to Starbucks and GameStop followed. Somewhere along the way, we decided to go watch Ratatouille later that evening. Initially, the plan was to watch the 4 pm show at Lincoln Square, but traffic got in the way and we wound up there for the 4:55 pm show only to find that it was sold out. Victor and Kirby (his girlfriend) were already in, so that left Eugene, Chris, Rosa, Fernando (her brother just in from AZ) and I having to wait around for a bit more for the 5:55 pm show. So we headed off to grab coffee / cookies from the Specialty Bakery & Cafe across the street in Bel Square mall.

We were back in time to get some good seats and settled in for the movie. The movie itself was standard feel good fare. The only part I really found funny was when Chef Skinner was ranting and raving to his lawyer. Other than that, the movie was pretty much what you’d expect from a Disney-Pixar creation.

After dinner, the five of us headed to Blue Ginger, a Korean BBQ & Grill. The bring the rolls of meat to your table which has a grill built in and cook the meat right in front of you. Not much there for a vegetarian like me to eat, but Eugene ordered “Sundubu” for me – a tofu soup that I wound up eating w/ rice. The Bokpunjay that Chris ordered was pretty good – raspberry wine. Fernando, who’s not legal (17 yrs) had to miss out this part of the meal.

Tapir Fail time.

Post dinner, Chris and I headed back to work so I could pick up my car – The plan was to give Fernando a ride in the TT on the way back to Eugene’s place where we’d be entertained by a completely sloshed Eugene playing Dance Dance Revolution. This ended up becoming a really ugly case of Tapir Fail. The TT was a little low on air in the rear left tire and Fernando and I were going to drive it to the gas station down the street to fill air in the tire. Chris headed back and unfortunately, by the time we got to the gas station, the tire was ripped to shreds. Of course, I didn’t figure that out until I tried to use the sealant which sprayed out from the inside tear – yeah, it was a huge tear on the inside of the rim. Lucky for me, I later found that there was no damage to the rim. Chris and Rosa came back to pick up Fernando with Chris insisting that I call him to get a lift home after AAA towed the car to the Barrier Audi dealership.

It took a little over an hour for the tow truck to get there, but Patrick (or Pat) was awesome. He took extremely good care loading the car onto the truck and unloading at the dealership too. He even gave me a ride home protesting strongly at the $40 I gave him, offering several times to split it with me. 🙂 Sweet guy.

A not-so-bad day ending with a Tapir Fail. Se la vie. Se la vie.

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