Project Delta is kicked off

After a few days of reflection about some of my thoughts over the long weekend, I’ve launched into Project Delta. I want to go back to reading (won’t be voraciously due to the demands of my job) non-tech stuff. I’ve renewed my Wall Street Journal subscription and started reading Harvard Business Review. Additionally, I’m trying to figure out how to keep track of new articles at Knowledge@Wharton (Vivek’s recommendation). I’ll have to keep pushing myself to continue to read the publications, since I’m not naturally inclined to do so. I’ve also brought back a bunch of books from the library including a couple recommended by Umesh. Let’s see where I find time to read all this.

I came upon these 2 interesting reads:

Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret.

Champagne Moments from the blog of Scott Adams.

Scott Adams is funny. His Dilbert comic strip is something I’ve come to enjoy over the years – a true reflection of life@work in many companies. I’ve experienced many Dilbert moments myself and they’re not restricted to the pointy haired boss ones, mind you. My favorite character is Dogbert. If you’re not familiar with Dilbert, there’s no time like the present to begin your acquaintance.

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