Once more to Seattle Japanese Garden…

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Having just been to the Japanese Garden in Seattle a few days ago, I would’ve thought it a bit soon to go back there. But Latha and I headed there on the 4th of July to take photos for a couple of hours. Took about 270 photos and surprisingly my hit ratio is up at 20 – a little over 7 % which is substantially higher than the 1-2% I’ve experienced earlier.But work was rather busy over the following 3 days and it’s only this evening after returning from work (yes, a Saturday) that I was able to process the photos.

Jay called up earlier this evening – Kappu’s out of town. Told me he wound up buying the Canon 30D w/ the 24-105mm f/4 IS lens (same as mine). I was originally going to drive to his place and chill, but I was feeling a bit worn out. I need to take some pix of ’em. Another day, another time.

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