Finally got some photos for Fall 2007

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My brief trip last week to the Microsoft campus didn’t yield much. Partly my fault for not taking the whole kit-n-kaboodle with me. I just had the 24-105 with me. Saturday’s attempts (in the yard) yielded better results.

I met up with Kappu-Jay Saturday evening. They had a couple of other guests over. One of them reminded me of Meghana – a lot. No, she didn’t look like her, but her style of talking was very similar to Meg’s. If not an ABCD (American Born Confused Desi), she’s spent a good chunk of her life here. When she introduced herself, I heard her name as “Sudhna” – turns out it’s Suguna. Her compression of the -gu- syllable made it sound like -dh-. This is not unlike the “Theeeenk yew” that most (female?) teenyboppers say instead of “Thank you”. Her use of Tamil terms sounded a bit odd, in a funny sort of way and she was quite verbose about the time she spent in Italy while we were watching pix of Kappu-Jay’s recent Italy trip. Kappu had made something she called Paal Pongal, which tasted pretty much like Paal Payasam to me. Suguna managed to get the name confused as Paal Halwa about an hour later. Kappu’s sambar was not up to par – in addition to needing salt, it seemed to be missing something else. Suguna thought it was good – I was thinking, “If that’s good sambar in your book, you don’t know what sambar is.” I suspect Meg, Mohi, Ananth and the other kids of my next generation will end up a bit like Suguna; Meg is already showing signs of it. It’s not a bad thing or a good thing – just different.

Sunday was mostly spent at Karthik’s place – pretty quick turnaround time in getting back to being social w/ the single folks; he’s been married for about a month now. They’d woken up a bit late, eleven-ish, and so my arrival at 1 pm rather than noon as originally planned worked out well. Sharada was about a third of the way through lunch prep and it was fun chatting, snacking and yanking her chain while Karthik attended to the onerous task of browsing the web and making digital camera recommendations (for his brother?). By the time we got around to eating lunch, it was past 3 pm. Lunch was good. Dosai, coconut chutney, potato-onion sabzi, something like masala vadai but without pepper corns and jeera rice. Yum. There was lots of photography talk going on. Sharada seemed a tad more keen on the subject than Karthik.

I’m about 1/3rd of the way through “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I didn’t realize he was a big cheese. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982 – not that the Nobel Prize would influence me one way or the other, considering that awards seem to be handed out to undeserving folks (at least in my opinion, e.g. the Booker prize to Arundhati Roy). Look out for my review coming later this week.

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