Conversation by Bahauddin Valad

Conversation by Bahauddin Valad

“I am subject to various states. In one state I can speak and in another I do not speak. In another I can listen to the stories of other lives and respond to them. In yet another I withdraw to my room and see no one. In a further absorption in God, I am utterly distraught, unable to communicate. It’s too risky for you to come here on the chance I might be amiable enough to have conversation.” — Bahauddin Valad

Coleman Barks explicates this as follows:
Bahauddin lives in his outrageously imperial soul. Degrees of  surrender wash over him like weather. He has no personal control as to when he might be available to give counsel or respond to friends, being always on retreat with his wild inner life. That powerful spontaneity might turn out to be more than a visitor could endure.

p.s.: To the unnamed someone who on hearing this quote indurately remarked “Ah, mood swings!”, I hope this clarifies the experiences that Bahauddin so eloquently expressed. 😉

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